The Book That Reveals The Holy Grail

The ground-breaking and life-changing book about the most sought after artifact in history. Robert Barry’s amazing book provides not just information on the Holy Grail, its history, influence and context, but also WHERE the Holy Grail resides, and HOW to use the Holy Grail.

The TRUE Grail is described, and we discover its real power, the meaning of this power, and that it is not something that can simplistically be moved or changed by Man – it cannot be stolen or brought into the ownership of a single individual. The Grail was created and made accessible for ALL PEOPLE who have the courage to use it, but until now, it has remained unknown to most people –  for almost two thousand years!

Read this book to discover the amazing truth about the Holy Grail, its context in the life and words of Jesus, how you can find it and, through your use of free will, choose whether or not to use it.

Reader's Favourite

“Will Blow the Reader’s Mind….The Truth: The Greatest Cover Up in History is filled with light and wisdom, one of those books that only those who want to change or be transformed dare to read.” – Reader’s Favourite.

2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist for Inspirational Non-Fiction category: The Truth, by Robert Barry (Amazon & Ingram Spark) – Indie Book Awards